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Herbal steam bath in St. Moritz


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Herbal steam bath in St. Moritz

Well-being guaranteed!

Steam-heated lounges have been around for a very long time. Similar baths were built, for example, in the Ottoman Empire or by the ancient Romans. So mist can also be healthy. Especially when it is warm, pleasant steam.

In our herbal steam bath, the warm mist envelops you and slowly heats up the body. The pleasant temperature of around 45°C, combined with 100% humidity, is ideal for inhalation and skin care. And together with our fine herbal aromas, the steam bath becomes an adventure bath that also promotes health.

Randolins Wellness-Oasis

  • Finnish sauna (80° C)
  • Bio sauna (55° C)
  • Steam bath
  • Infrared cabine
  • Indoor/outdoor whirlpool (32° C)
  • Sun terrace
  • Relaxation room with a beautiful view

Opening hours

The wellness area is open from 2pm to 9pm.

wellness switerland, St. Moritz

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