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The dining room
at the Berghotel Randolins St. Moritz

Every day begins with bright prospects

With a wonderful panorama view of the surrounding mountain range, each day at the Randolins starts between 7:00 am and 10:00 am with a rich breakfast in our brightly lit dining room.

You don't need to change your breakfast habits just because of the rich selection: We're certain to have everything here that you know from home. Nevertheless, we urge you to try experimenting, since a lot of what you see at the appealing buffet comes from the region and is only available here at this level of freshness and originality. For example, try the crispy bread from the village baker, the cheese from the surrounding Alps or the Sunday braided bread from our own bakery. Are you getting started with a mountain tour at an ungodly hour? Let us know and we will provide you with an insulated breakfast or lunch package.

Did you choose half board? A good choice, as our dining room is open to you from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the evening, where we are happy to prepare a table for you in order to enjoy a daily changing 4-course menu. This consists of salad buffet, soup, two main courses to choose from, and dessert.

Please state special dietary requirements or allergies in your reservation.

If booked in advance for the entire stay, you benefit from our early bird special price of CHF 45.00 per person and evening; at the hotel or for single days, the menu costs CHF 53.00 per person (CHF 60.00 on evenings with buffet). This offer is available with a minimum stay of 2 nights)
Please take note that there will be no refund on not consumed meals.

In the context of our half board, kids have the choice between the half board menu and our children's menu.
The kids' half board offer is only available under the condition that both parents have half board.
0 to 3 years: CHF 0.00
4 to 7 years: CHF 12.00
8 to 11 years: CHF 20.00
12 to 15 years: CHF 30.00
from 16 years: CHF 45.00


Wine menu

Wine menu

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Each day we serve a rich breakfast between 7:00am and 10:00am in our brightly lit panorama dining room.


The half board dinner starts daily at 6:00pm until 8:30pm in our brightly lit panorama dining room.


In between

We gladly serve you for lunch or for a snack between meals in the public restaurant Stüvetta or at sunny weather on the panoramic sun terrace.

Via Curtins 2
7500 St. Moritz

Tel +41 (0)81 830 83 83
Fax +41 (0)81 830 83 80

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