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Foundation Randolins St. Moritz

Our standard: Engadine vacation for everyone in harmony with nature

The origins of the Randolins can be found in the local Protestant Centre for Vacation and Education, which was taken over in 1954 by the Protestant Homestay Association and is now open to all guests as a modern 3-star hotel, a hostel and a family resort. Your special advantage: Because we are a non-profit company, we do not make any profit, which means we can offer families and groups, associations, and backpackers low-cost vacations in one of the most popular vacation areas in Switzerland. Our guests are international, the atmosphere is familiar and friendly.

In everything we do, the wellbeing of our guests is equally as important as protecting and preserving the surrounding nature.

By the way: The Randolins has an even more exciting previous history, which includes astronomy, theosophical teachings, golden chapels, European nobility, and boarding school pupils.