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Sustainability at Randolins

Intact nature, tranquility of the mountains and lakes, crystal-clear air, the Engadine culture and hospitality: this and more should be preserved for future generations. That is why we have made it our mission to take care of this heritage. The foundation Stiftung Zentrum Randolins St. Moritz, as owner, is committed to preserving this unique place so that it remains accessible to the guests of tomorrow.

For us, sustainability has many facets and, in our understanding, is not limited exclusively to the ecological footprint. Social aspects, regionality or economic sustainability share equal importance.

We are proud of the fact that we achieved the ibex fairstay gold label at the first attempt during the initial certification in April 2022. The ibex fairstay sustainability label takes a holistic view of sustainability and divides it into the five dimensions of management, ecology, regionality, social and financial. In addition, we are a member of the Responsible Hotels of Switzerland group.

For us, sustainability is a process and does not end with a certification. It is about continuously improving ourselves in the various areas and thus being able to keep up with the industry leaders.

Cause we care!

Climate neutral stay - your contribution to climate protection

Get involved! Together for climate protection and sustainability

It is important to us, to use our resources carefully and conservatively, in order to protect the environment. You can support us herein: As part of the myclimate initiative «Cause We Care», you have the opportunity to effectively contribute to climate protection and sustainability - together with us - by means of a voluntary contribution.

With your contribution of CHF 2.00 per night (in our 3* hotel) or CHF 1.00 per night (in our hostel) you get the possibility to compensate the carbon footprint of your stay and actively support local sustainability measures. As a token of our gratitude, we promise to double your contribution. A part of the sum is used to support international carbon offset projects of the myclimate foundation. Therewith, you render your stay climate neutral. The remaining amount is invested in effective sustainability measures on site or in operational sustainability e.g. the conversion to renewable energies.


How can you contribute to sustainability?

In the booking process on our websites you can optionally add the «myclimate» contribution, you can write us an email or briefly let us know when you arrive.

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And here's how it works:


You stay overnight and voluntarily make a small contribution to sustainability and climate protection.


We double this amount and invest our collective contributions in the hotel's own myclimate «Cause We Care» sustainability fund.


The fund is used to finance local sustainability and carbon offset measures (e.g. we invest in renewable energies). At the same time, the carbon dioxide emissions of your stay are offset with a climate protection project of myclimate. Together we thus achieve a double effect. For our nature, the environment and the climate. Thank you very much!

This commitment is realized in collaboration with the Swiss foundation myclimate as part of the «Cause We Care» program.

Our two current projects

We are currently investing our collective contributions in these two projects:

Hot water via the St. Moritz sun

A part of the money is used to renovate the solar system on the roof of the Chesa Giuventüna, which has reached the end of its service life. The aim is to cover the hot water demand of our two houses Chesa Granda (main house) and Chesa Giuventüna by solar energy.

Clean drinking water
in Uganda

The remaining money goes to an international project of myclimate. We have chosen the project "Clean drinking water for schools and households through filter systems".

How we live and pursue sustainability at Randolins St. Moritz

A few examples:

  • We cook seasonally and consider - whenever possible - regional producers and suppliers.
  • We create our own products in collaboration with our local suppliers.
  • Our wine list contains only items from Switzerland and Europe. We have taken wines from overseas out of our assortment. We also offer organic wines.
  • We have measures in place to keep food waste as low as possible. Unavoidable food waste is processed to biogas.
  • We have continuously created new job positions and can therefore currently offer 30 full-time positions over the year (compared to 18 positions in 2019).
  • The aim of extending the season in autumn is to be able to offer longer employment contracts to as many employees as possible.
  • 100% electricity from renewable energy sources (hydroelectric power).
  • In-house charging station for electric cars (with electricity from hydropower).
  • Dosing systems for cleaning detergents and dishwashers
  • We continuously invest in the building walling of our 6 houses (insulation, roofs, windows) during renovations and constructions.
  • New hotel kitchen (2013): Investment in new, more energy-efficient kitchen equipment.
  • Hotel guests arriving by public transport are picked up at the train station by our hotel shuttle.
  • During the summer season, regional public transport is included in the room rate.